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Beginning of activities : 05/08/2014
Last Update : 19/12/2014 15:19:55

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Company Capital: 15000 €
Rea :209647
VAT: 02834570216



The fashion industry today moves much faster than the speed with which the digital information needed for its business is exchanged.

Who operates in this market needs to collaborate, share, discuss makes decisions in real time, visualizing ideas, products, stores and competitors as well as how their clients view their products.

The media chaos, in which these companies operate today, will give way to simple and fast collaborative processes that are real-time and safe in order to be able to work wherever and at any given time. WARDA is changing the way fashion industry will see itself.


We deliver the best technology, allowing fashion and retail companies to use digital information along the whole value chain, giving them the possibility to adhere to new, digital business models immediately and cost effectively via potent features for archiving, sharing and collaborating via web or mobile.

WARDA’s deep tech competence is combined with industry experience and collaboration with some of the best international partners, which is giving us a global experience that we will bring to each project and innovation of the product.

Why us?

  • In addition to the quality we offer innovation
  • We are fast and precise
  • The customer is our priority!
  • We offer personalized services

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