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Capitale Sociale: 70000 €
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DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA S.R.L. is a cutting edge SME engaged in providing advanced biotech solutions to academic research groups and companies operating in the field of basic Life Science research, translational biomedical research, and early stage pharmaceutical development.

The team has a long-standing scientific experience in Oncology with a focus on expression and role of hERG channels in cancer cells.

We enable our customers to characterize their products, predict human toxicity and rapidly obtain reproducible data.

We perform preclinical services for drug screening and AMP in the following areas:

- toxicology;

- cardiac safety;

- pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

- tumorigenicity.

All of our services (both in vivo and in vitro) are fully customizable, following the customers’ needs.

Moreover, we offer a complete range of transgenic services and we are able to generate different customized and validated disease animal models.

The company can supply high-quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against ion channels and also develop customized antibodies (mAb, pAb, scFv) tailored to our customers’ needs.

Constantly involved in biomedical research, DI.V.A.L. participates in several national and international innovative projects as a SME. Our goals are:

- develop targeted theranostic systems for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes;

- develop new delivery systems for pharmaceuticals.


The long term and well documented experience of the DI.V.A.L.’s team in oncological research as well as in ion-channels-related studies has led them to have a great expertise in analyzing pharmacological compounds, developing oncological models and producing and manipulating antibodies for research purposes.

Scientific Coordinator:

Prof. Annarosa Arcangeli

Technical and Scientific support

Dr. Massimo D'Amico

Dr. Laura Carraresi

Dr. Matteo Stefanini

Dr. Serena Pillozzi

Dr. Olivia Crociani

Prof. Marco Bazzicalupo

Orders and commercial info

Eng. Armando Casazza, CEO

Dr. Nicoletta Rossi

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Lista Prodotti e Servizi offerti

Prodotto Area: Biotech

Cat: preclinical services and r&d activities

Tag: anticorpi, antibodies, hERG, KV11.1, nanoanticorpi, nanoantibodies


- hERG1 mAb (PATENTED) - optimized for flow cytometry

- hERG1 (CT) (pan) pAb - optimized for flow cytometry

- hERG1 A (NT) pAb

- hERG1 B pAb

- hERG2 pAb

- hERG3 pAb

- anti hERG1 scFV (small chain variable fragment)

- anti GLU-R4 mAb

- anti c6orf70 mAb





Servizio Area: Biotech

Cat: preclinical services and r&d activities

Tag: tossicità, farmacodinamica, cardiac safety, attività antitumorale, drug screening, in vitro, in vivo, modelli animali, anticorpi, servizi transgenici



- Genetics toxicology (Ames test)

- General cytotoxicity

- In vivo toxicology


Cardiac Safety

- hERG KV11.1 test (ICH S7B)

- hERG1A/1B test

- Cardiac Safety Profile (hERG, Nav1.5, Cav1.2, KvLQT1, Kir2.1)

- CARDIAC ACTION POTENTIAL (cAP) on isolated guinea pig cardiomyocytes (ex vivo)

- QT MEASUREMENT on anesthetized guinea pigs (in vivo)


Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

- Cell vitality assay

- Apoptosis

- Soft Agar Colony formation assay

- Migration assay

- Invasiveness assay

- Cell Signaling Evaluation

- Gene Expression Profile (Micro-Array assay)

In vivo models for the assessment of anticancer activity

- Subcutaneous Xenograft Models

- Intravenous Xenograft

- Orthotopic Tumour Models

- Metastatic Tumour Models

- Patient-derived Human Primary Tumour Models

- Syngeneic Models


High-throughput Ion Channel Screening



- Generation of knock-out and knock-in mouse models (by the use of CRISPR-Cas9 system)

- Customized disease mouse models

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