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Beginning of activities : 15/04/2013
Last Update : 10/03/2015 12:27:45

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Company Capital: 50000 €
Rea :2011527
VAT: 08229360964


Wallet-E is an Italian start-up in the field of Mobile Payments and Cashless Solutions, whose goal is to drive the process of evolution of the payments from a current model, based on cash, to a new era of payments, based on smartphones, tablet and Internet in general.

Wallet-E has introduced Wallet-ABILE, the first product/service that connects the world of traditional payment cards to the world of Mobile. Wallet-ABILE is a solution that "Enable" Merchants to receive payments in a simple, safe, cheap and mobile way.

Wallet-E is born from the common interest and the great experience of its founders.

Why us?

  • In addition to the quality we offer innovation
  • We are fast and precise
  • The customer is our priority!
  • We offer personalized services

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Servizio Area: Finanza

Cat: mobile payments

Tag: mobile POS

Il Mobile POS Wallet-ABILE è una soluzione che permette di ricevere pagamenti con carta in tutta facilità, superando la tecnologia dei POS tradizionali.

È un servizio facile e intuitivo che ti permette di ricevere pagamenti in mobilità in totale sicurezza, grazie al tuo smartphone o tablet.

Sicuro: i pagamenti sono sempre verificati e garantiti

Semplice: facile da usare e da portare sempre con sè

Mobile: ovunque sia il merchant, è il partner ideale per espandere il proprio business

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