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Lista Regali Online

Lista Regali Online, Lista di Nozze Online, Lista Battesimo Online, Lista Nascita Online, Lista di Laurea, Sito Web Matrimonio
Beginning of activities : 11/06/2014
Last Update : 19/03/2015 13:22:24

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Company Capital: 10000 €
Rea :1411085
VAT: 12916331007


Given2 is "Kickstarter" for personal Life and Family.

Given2 is a marketplace where people receive what they wish at the right time and price;
it's also the place where travel agencies and retailers finds new customers.

Given2 it's also:
 1) The first community gifts-centric where people find appropriate and trendy gifts for their events.
 2) An online solution to receive real and cash gifts in a tasteful way
 3) A super simple way to create a full functional and beautiful website
 4) The best solution for cross-language/country wedding
 5) A cost effective way to receive large amount of money through bank, paypal and credit card

Why us?

  • In addition to the quality we offer innovation
  • We are fast and precise
  • The customer is our priority!
  • We offer personalized services

What We Do

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Servizio Area: Informatica

Cat: piattaforma servizi digitali

Tag: lista nozze, website, crowdfunding, marketplace, lista regali, cms


Given2 è la Lista di Nozze Online versatile e italiana pensata per le coppie 2.0. Ti permette di creare una lista regali di matrimonio per ricevere somme di denaro sul tuo conto e regali veri senza costi di intermediazione e di commissione.

What you think! Interested in our products and services and would like more information or require collaboration?