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Beginning of activities : 20/05/2015
Last Update : 23/02/2017 12:59:49

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Company Capital: 10000 €
Rea :2069279
VAT: 09098230965




AGF Capital Srl is a “vehicle” of incubation, development and management of innovative projects in the field of e-commerce. Streamlined and efficient structure that brings to Italian and international market an “online stores vertical”, characterized by high quality products with high customization. Each project has a stand-alone e-commerce platform and aims to assert its own international brand, specialized and focused on the “know how” to do well on a single thing.



Make luxury accessible to all.
Through our e-commerce platforms we carry exclusive products and customized experience in the world born from the best “artisan” and Italian good taste.
We reduce our structural costs through the dematerialization of production processes and the creation of laboratories connected with satellites AGF Capital Srl.



The unique, exclusive brands to create “personalized gift wrap”. Through this website and application for smartphones and tablet, consumers have the opportunity to make unique and unforgettable his gift wrap. The company deals with the creation, printing and delivery of the product to the customer’s home, also for single sheets.

Why us?

  • In addition to the quality we offer innovation
  • We are fast and precise
  • The customer is our priority!
  • We offer personalized services

What We Do

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Prodotto Area: xAltro

Cat: carta da regalo personalizzata

Tag: carta da regalo

papername.com è lo shop che ti permette di creare la tua carta da regalo personalizzata on line in modo semplice e veloce.

Ogni foglio misura 100 x 70 cm, è di ottima fattura, elegante e originale. La carta è patinata lucida e ha una grammatura di 80 gr/m2. Non usiamo inchiostri a solvente, bensì a base di acqua e lattice sintetico, sfruttando i benefici di una tecnologia proprietaria HP denominata Latex.

Cosa aspetti? Rendi unici i momenti che contano con papername.com


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