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Teamleader helps you and your team to work smarter, so your small business thrives. Since Teamleader allows you to take charge of operational essentials, you can focus on projects and relationships. We’re friendly and approachable, and devoted to our users; we want to inspire them to be more efficient. Bringing CRM, project management and invoicing together with an intuitive software solution, Teamleader enables your team to collaborate, organise and build your business. Visit us at www.teamleader.eu and start your free trial.

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  • In addition to the quality we offer innovation
  • We are fast and precise
  • The customer is our priority!
  • We offer personalized services

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Servizio Area: Informatica

Cat: software

Tag: CRM

Grazie a Teamleader puoi gestire tutti i tuoi contatti in modo semplice e rapido. Puoi associare i contatti alle aziende e annotare la posizione all’interno dell’organizzazione. Inserendo la partita IVA di un’azienda, Teamleader cerca automaticamente tutte le informazioni che possiede su di essa. Sarà altrettanto semplice filtrare i tuoi contatti grazie a tag e segmenti.

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